Christmas tree in the foreground and Springridge barn in the background

It’s time to find your perfect Christmas tree right here at Springridge Farm – choose from hundreds of the most beautiful fresh-cut premium Fraser and Balsam Fir trees 🎄

Our fresh-cut Christmas tree forest is positively packed with trees in all shapes and all sizes – ranging in size from 5 to 12 feet

Just in time for Christmas Tree season, Farmer John shares his top tips below for keeping your perfect tree in top festive condition all season long:

Christmas Tree Care

  • Christmas Trees should have about 1″ cut off the base of the trunk before watering: this will help carry the fresh water up the trunk to the green needles. Our farmers will do this for you when you pick out your tree!
  • We recommend plain water (no sugar or aspirins) …Don’t be surprised if your fresh tree is thirsty – they’ll want a lot of water in the first few days after you bring it inside.
  • If you have time, set your tree outside (or in the garage) with it’s trunk in a bucket of water. This isn’t necessary, but will really help the tree open up and become fully hydrated.
  • Once in the tree stand, it’s only a matter of replenishing the water that has been lost through transpiration. Try not to let the stand run out of water (although Fraser Firs are somewhat forgiving if you forget).
  • After Christmas, we hang (or lean) our tree outside to provide protection for the bird feeders and a place for the birds to land. Perfect for winter bird-watching!

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