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Welcome to our family farm.
To your family farm.
To our favourite place.
To your favourite place.

Christmas on the Farm

Fresh Cut Fraser and Balsam Fir Trees


Welcome to our family farm.

We live here. We farm here. We believe in growing and in making and baking with the freshest farm flavours. We believe in recipes that have stood the test of time and in finding delicious ways to preserve and serve each season in our bakery and farm shop.

We also believe in family and in making memories on this farm. We raised our children here – feeding farm animals, playing outside. Old fashioned farm fun is what we’re known for.

Step inside our nineteeth-century barn and see what we’ve made and found. Our incredible shop is brimming with fun finds, and our farm pantry shelves are positively packed with all of your farm favourites.

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Springridge Farm is open daily 9am - 5pm including weekends and holidays until Christmas Eve (Dec 24) when we close for the season at noon.


7256 Bell School Line, Milton ON L9E 0N7

Service Dogs are always welcome; family pets are best left at home.