Springridge Farm Honey – The sweetest thing

Available in three sizes, this honey is largely gathered from our bees (and from bees working on neighbouring farms).  It is slightly floral and very popular.  It is unpasteurized, which means that it has not been heated, preserving it’s nutritional value.  It has been filtered or strained – that’s why it’s clear.  Crystallization may occur and that’s perfectly normal.  Just heat it gently (microwave for short bursts or set into a pan of warm water) and stir.

Springridge Farm Raw Honey

Freshly bottled after extracting from the hive, raw honey has had almost no processing at all.  This is thought to preserve even more of the beneficial enzymes of this delicate honey.  It is not clear and that’s because it hasn’t been strained (or has been strained only minimally) – tiny bits of beeswax and pollen make this honey slightly cloudy.  It’s more likely to crystallize as a result, and that can be expected.  It’s easy to liquefy the honey with gentle heat and stirring.

Springridge Farm Wildflower Honey

This honey is gathered from bees whose hives are located next to pastures or fields or open wild spaces.  The honey is deeply floral and slightly darker.  It is unpasteurized and has been strained so that it is not cloudly. 

Springridge Farm Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat honey is often known as “black” honey because it looks black unless the light is shining through it.  It has a pleasant earthy smell, and an unforgettable malty, rich, molasses flavor which is not over-sweet.  Because of the depth of flavor, it’s good for cooking and baking where you want the honey taste to come up through the other ingredients.  Ours has not been pasteurized and it has been filtered.

Springridge Farm Creamed Honey

Creamed honey has been encouraged to slightly crystallize and then is whipped.  It’s perfect for spreading.  It’s made from the same honey that we sell as “Honey” – it’s not been pasteurized, has been strained, and is full of the same goodness as our other honeys.  The difference is mainly consistency.

Springridge Farm Summer Blossom Honey Collected from bees that have pollinated a combination of summer’s most fragrant blossoms, this honey is slightly richer in taste.  It is unpasteurized and filtered.

Honey Jars

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