Pies & Pastries

How do you make the perfect fruit pie? At Springridge Farm, we believe that a perfect pie starts with perfect fruit.  We also believe in perfect pastry, made from scratch, every day, right here on the farm.  Making an outstanding pie takes lots of practise, and our bakers have been practising for years.

The bakery at Springridge Farm is famous for fruit pies and tarts.  It all began with Cherry pies using cherries from the farm.  Now, 50 years later, our bakers are renowned for their Strawberry-Rhubarb and Apple pies.  Each season, the harvest suggests the menu.  Rhubarb Custard in the Spring, Strawberry Custard in June, Wild Blueberry in August, and Pumpkin in Autumn.  Christmastime means fresh Gingerbread and Holiday Berry Pies.

Every morning we bake dozens and dozens of fruit muffins using seasonal farm-fresh fruit.  Farmer John and Farmer Tom come in from the fields for fresh cookies. Warm biscuits, fresh pastries and Ontario's best Butter Tarts ... all prepared daily at Springridge Farm.  See you soon!