What's in the Springridge Farm Market?

We are proud to offer freshly picked seasonal fruits and vegetables in our Barn Market.

At Springridge, we grow strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, gourds and harvest honey from 1 million bees that live in hives beside our pond.

Strawberry season is typically in June, followed by raspberry season in July.  During these months we have delicious berries, ready-to-go in our market. During our fall harvest season, we have many different varieties of pumpkins in our market including Jack-O-Lantern, Cinderella, Ghost and Knucklehead.

Seasonally throughout the year, the Barn Market also features locally grown sweet peas, cherries, blueberries, peaches, corn, apples, apple cider, garden mums and Fraser Fir Christmas trees.

There is no pick-your-own at Springridge Farm.