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Royal Wedding Jam Recipes

This year, we created a special Royal Wedding Jam that marries berry for Harry and sparkle for Markle featuring strawberries from our farm and a splash of Canadian sparkling wine. Just in time for the Royal Wedding we've put together some fun recipes to make at home using our Royal Wedding Jam.. 

Easy Royal Wedding Trifle

We’ve always loved a decadent and old-fashioned English trifle, layered with soft custard and gently whipped cream, but in a nod to simplicity we’ve updated one of our favourite desserts and made it much, much lighter with vanilla-scented greek yogurt instead.  This easy trifle has all kinds of flavour and couldn’t be simpler to put together.  We make individual servings in large red-wine glasses because we think that’s festive.  Feel free to make one large layered trifle in your favourite large glass bowl or trifle dish.

You’ll need:

1 pound cake (shop bought is perfect)

1 jar Springridge Royal Wedding Jam

1 ½ cups sliced strawberries

1 ½ cups plain greek yogurt (0%)

1 tsp pure vanilla extract or paste

4 (or more) fresh whole strawberries, for garnish

Slice the pound cake crosswise into ½ inch slices, set aside.  In a small bowl, stir vanilla into greek yogurt, set aside.

Start with a layer of pound cake in the bottom of each of four large red wine glasses.  You will likely need to cut the slices of pound cake into smaller shapes in order to create this layer – don’t worry, the finished product will look great.  Next, add a thin layer (approx 1/8 inch) of Royal Wedding Jam).  Then add a layer of strawberries, and then a layer of vanilla-flavoured yogurt (between ¼ and ½ inch thick).  Repeat layers until glasses are full, aiming to finish with the yogurt layer. 

Garnish with a whole fresh strawberry and refrigerate until ready to serve!

Royal Wedding Scones

Is there anything more perfect for an early morning wedding-watching treat than warm scones?  Split open and spread thickly with Royal Wedding Jam, these are a quintessentially regal treat.  If you’d like to bake these early on the Royal Wedding day, you can refrigerate the unbaked scones and bake them as usual.

3 cups pastry flour

1/3 cup granulated sugar

2 tsp baking powder

½ tsp baking soda

1 ½ sticks cold butter, diced

1 cup cream (10%)

1 egg yolk

3-5 tbsp granulated sugar, for sprinkling

Royal Wedding Jam, for spreading

Preheat oven to 425F

In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and baking soda and mix until blended.  Add the diced butter and toss to coat with flour mixture.  Using a pastry blender, cut butter into dry mixture until mostly small pieces of butter remain.  Alternately, use your finger tips to work the butter into the dry mixture.  Add all of the cream and bring the mixture together with a fork or your hands – don’t worry if the mixture looks dry.  Turn the mix out onto a lightly floured surface and bring together into a ball (you may need to knead the mixture a couple of times until it just comes together without crumbling). 

Roll the dough out into a rough square, a little more than ½ inch thick.  Cut diagonally into quarters, and cut each quarter in half to make 8 large scones.  Place on a parchment-lined baking sheet, leaving at least 1 inch between each. 

Beat egg yolk with 2 tbsp cold water and brush tops of scones to glaze.  Sprinkle (generously) with granulated sugar (approximately 1 tsp per scone).  Bake scones in preheated oven at least 10-12 minutes or until bottoms are golden, tops are lightly browned, and scones spring back when gently pressed. 

Springridge Farm Royal Wedding Pavlovas

A pavlova is one of the kitchen’s greatest treats.  We just love this dessert with it’s combination of meringue, gently whipped cream, and fresh jam.  They’re traditionally served large and cut at table to serve, but we love making individual pavlovas (soft meringues) - serve them family style, with a big bowl of whipped cream and jars of Royal Wedding Jam so that family and friends can compose their own!


4 large egg whites

¾ c granulated sugar

1 tsp cornstarch

1 tsp white wine vinegar

½ tsp pure vanilla extract

1 c whipping cream

2 tbsp sugar

1 jar Springridge Royal Wedding Jam

Preheat oven to 350F (180C) and line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside.

In the bowl of an electric mixer, whisk egg whites on medium-high speed to soft peaks.  Turn mixer to low and sprinkle in ¾ cup sugar, return speed to medium-high and whisk until shiny and stiff.  Turn speed to low and sprinkle in cornstarch, wine vinegar, and vanilla.  Beat until just combined.

Using a large spoon or ice cream scoop, spoon meringue onto baking sheet, forming 8-10 mounds.  Leave at least 2-3 inches between mounds as they’ll spread slightly while baking.

Place in 350F oven and immediately turn down temperature to 300F – bake for exactly 30 minutes, turn off heat and let pavlovas in closed oven for 20 more minutes.  Remove from oven and allow to cool completely

Whip the cream with 2 tbsp sugar until soft and fluffy. Transfer to serving bowl.

Arrange pavlovas on a platter and serve with cream and Springridge Farm Royal Wedding Jam, allowing guests to top individual pavolovas with jam and cream for a fun and interactive dessert.




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